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Internationally networked

Our worldwide network of consulting and auditing companies ranks among the top ten in the sector, with a total workforce of 20,000 in more than 100 countries.

Local expertise, global reach


A warm welcome

Our uppermost objective as a service organisation is to gain and retain satisfied, well-advised clients. We see ourselves as true partners for private individuals and companies. In order to achieve that objective, we provide you with qualified specialists. With their fully up-to-date professional knowledge, they give you concrete answers to your specific problems. You obtain strategies that are tailored to your long-term needs. Closeness to the client and the reliability of high-quality service characterise our relationships with those we serve.

Our work is targeted and highly efficient. After an in-depth study of the client profile and his or her circumstances, we work out solutions and methodologies which best match the needs of optimisation, efficiency and security.

At our three business locations in Adliswil, Cham and Budapest, you benefit from regional closeness, specialist know-how and personal adivice. Nevertheless, at all three locations, we offer the full range of services offered by the ABT Group, whether by ABT Treuhandgesellschaft AG or ABACOR Revisions AG. Optimal networking of staff and infrastructure provides the necessary coordination.

Our experienced consultants quickly and reliably grasp your situation and provide you with optimal solutions for individual projects or ongoing mandates.

Apart from the ABT firms themselves, you also have access to our network of lawyers, renowned banks and financial institutes as well as corporate consultants.

For our internationally active clients, we offer a well developed network of correspondents across borders. Each one of them guarantees very high service quality in all fields, and they are all independent and free, responsible to no-one except you, the client.

We look forward to being of service to you.